April 17, 2008

sushi cravings

ok so the sushi in the photo above was not made by me, or even in my kitchen. it was picked up from a small little japanese grocery store named tensuke.
my sis, cL, had been raving about the sushi from this place for months, and i just wasn't buying it... so on a saturday afternoon, i finally gave in (due to an impromptu sushi craving) and we drove on over to pick some up and bring back home as a late lunch for the 3 of us (the hubby wanted to stay home to watch the sox game).

well... tensuke sits in an average-looking strip mall that also houses a polish bakery, a video store, a tax office... you get the picture. additionally, the parking lot looks as if it's been attacked by meteors.
so! if you can get over the exterior surroundings, and manage to drive slowly and carefully over numerous potholes and into a parking spot, you'll find a hidden gem. guaranteed.
there's a fridge section on the way to the back "sushi bar". i put that in quotations, because really, it looks like a little cafe. we picked up a spicy salmon roll from the fridge, then stared at the menu on the wall at the "sushi bar" for about 10mins, trying to decide what to order. in the meantime, orders were flying out at the other end of the counter... and i was drooling. there were about 3 or 4 chefs using their magic to make fresh sushi, maki and other entrees like grilled sole, or udon soup.
we finally decided to get 2 orders of the lobster roll special. let me list what is included in each order:

8 pieces of lobster roll
2 sashimi (salmon & tuna)
4 tamago
2 ebi sashimi
some kind of green salad (seaweed?)
some pickled ginger
a knob of wasabi.
oh, and also miso soup.

each order was $9.99!

we thought our eyes were bigger than our stomachs in ordering 2 lobster roll specials, and picking up the spicy salmon rolls.... but.... once i plated it all so nicely, we devoured all but 2 pieces of maki.

absolutely delicious! i will be back for more... probably weekly, if not biweekly.
and for my first 'sushi cocktail party' (TBA)... guess where i'm ordering from!
i'll take 5 lobster roll specials, to go please!

cPe 2008