April 07, 2008

gambas y champiñones al ajillo

friday night snack attack.
my hubby loves shrimp. that being said, if it's in the freezer, he'll most likely want a snack or meal that somehow includes shrimp. so on a late friday evening, between watching a basketball game with him, and browsing the web with my sister, i made a tasty snack for the 3 of us.
i adore tapas, and will almost always suggest it, so i ended up making spicy shrimp and mushrooms, which we will call gambas y champiñones al ajillo - tapas style. sounds fancy right? you can basically use whatever you want in this meal, substituting (or omitting) the veggies or seafood with whatever you have available. the garlic-y sauce is what's key in this dish.

gambas y champiñones al ajillo

shrimp (however much you have available)
3 tbsp olive oil
4 cloves of garlic, minced
chili flakes
kosher salt & pepper

heat the olive oil in a saute pan (big enough to add all the shrimp to). as oil heats, add the minced garlic, shrimp and mushrooms. the garlic will brown up and flavor the shrimp and mushrooms nicely. season the mix with kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and paprika. cover the pan and allow the shrimp and mushrooms to cook through. once it's done, taste. if you want more heat than just the paprika flavor, add some chili flakes. allow that to quickly flavor the shrimp, then add some butter into the pan to increase the amount of garlic sauce that has been made, and some freshly chopped parsley. once it's all seasoned and cooked to your liking, immediately pour it all into a nice serving dish and serve along with toast. -- we didn't have any garlic bread, so i took the rolls that were sitting on the counter, thinly sliced them on an angle, brushed with melted butter and popped them into the oven to crisp up
this is a very quick and delicious tapa that can be made whenever deemed necessary, or craved!


Kevin said...

Those shrimp look and sound tasty!

noble pig said...

Wow, that looks almost decadent.

Anonymous said...

I love shrimps (we call them prawns in the uk) too. I could have probably eaten the whole bowl ;-)

candyce said...

Thanks friends! :)

P.S. we call them prawns in SA too. :)

marye said...

looks great, I love shrimp but the family does not!

sal in s said...

can't wait to try those someday, looks delicious!