April 18, 2008

jerk pork chops

above: an unphotogenic, yet delicious pork chop

i crave pork chops about once a week. there were 2 weeks in february where i could've had a pork chop everyday.
anyway, after eating too many of them during that month, i hadn't made any in a while but i had these in mind for friday night dinner as i was driving home from work today.

jerk pork chops
1 pack of pork chops
kosher salt & pepper
ancho chili powder
jerk seasoning
olive oil

steps: i have no measurements here because basically you create a "dry rub" for the pork chops. that means you can either throw them all into a big ziploc bag and add enough spices so that when tossed around, all pork chops are coated... or you can just lay them out and dust the spices one by one over all the chops. the ziploc bag trick is nice, but i opted for just laying them out this time. oh, and if you do the ziploc method, you can also add olive oil into the bag, toss again and allow the chops to marinate.
i didn't prepare ahead of time by doing that, so i went the fast way.
coat the bottom of a pan with enough olive oil so that it comes up to about half the thickness of the chop. get that heating at medium-high.
then thoroughly wash and dry the pork chops and lay them out nicely. sprinkle enough kosher salt and pepper. then add the ancho chili powder and jerk seasoning. do this on both sides.
then into the pan they go for about 5-6mins on either side until they're nicely browned and cooked thoroughly.

i served these pork chops with the elotes below, and some garlic bread. yum! hit the spot for sure.

cPe 2008


noble pig said...

These look great. I never thought of a rub for pork chops but what a great idea.