May 14, 2011

Caffe RoM

Caffe RoM, located inside the Hyatt Center in Chicago, could be the best coffee shop in the city. I definitely prefer and love European cafes, with my other favorite being Julius Meinl. In the downtown Loop, however, there is no better spot for an afternoon pick-me-up than Caffe RoM.
When that 2:30pm afternoon lull kicks in, my sister and I usually make a quick stop at Caffe RoM for the best caramel lattes we've had, and share a Pear Tart as a sweet treat.
The service is lovely, and everyone is friendly. The place itself is very European in style, which I love, and very inviting. If you work downtown, or are just in the area, I would definitely recommend Caffe RoM.

Caffe RoM Hyatt Center
W Monroe St & S Franklin St
Chicago, IL 60606

cPe 2011