May 14, 2011

5411 Empanadas

Getting hot empanadas for lunch, from a truck, could be the best thing that ever happened to workers in the Loop.

I finally got to try 5411 Empanadas a week or so ago, and walked to their stop at Sears Tower in the cold and rain. The line was longggg, and we waited about 15-20mins. I already knew what I wanted - my fave empanadas are the jamon con queso, and I ordered 6 of them (2 for lunch, 4 for pregaming snacks later that day). I also got 1 caramelized onion and 1 spinach/cheese. As my order was almost complete, I saw out of the corner of my eye, that they also have chimichurri. If you've never had chimichurri, please google it now, then make it at home with ingredients you are likely to have in your fridge as I type this. It is one of THE best marinades/dipping sauces ever known.

The pastry shell of the empanada is good. Hot, flaky, buttery. The ham was slightly on the salty side for me, but mellowed out with the cheese. Dip it into the chimichurri and it is one of the best bites.
The veggie options were equally as delicious and I'd gladly have them over the ham/cheese ... Ok, just kidding. But I will have them WITH the ham/cheese again.

The guys on the truck were friendly. You can use cash or card, which is awesome.
It's a lovely addition to the Chicago lunch food truck scene!

Follow them for their locations: @5411Empanadas

cPe 2011