May 01, 2008

tuna melt

my pantry seems to be running bare these days... well, ok - it's not bare, i just can't see anything to use at first glance. on a saturday afternoon when i'm suddenly and instantly starving, i really didn't want to run to the grocery store or to the closest fastfood spot, so i had to resort to searching the pantry.

cannellini beans. all kinds of pasta. coconut milk. udon soup mix. salt & vinegar chips. olive oil. you get the picture.

so while i munched on the salt & vinegar chips, i continued scanning the pantry and found a few cans of tuna. checked the fridge for any kind of cheese at this point, and found mozzerella slices. YES! tuna melt sandwiches will do the trick.

so i turned the oven onto 350 and got to chopping up the green pepper. i know most people add onion to their tuna salad, but i really don't like raw onion taste, so i omitted that completely. and then i used my secret ingredient - wasabi mayonnaise - yum!

this is a very simple lunch to put together, and here are my estimations:

tuna melt
2 cans of tuna (in water, not oil)
1/2 green pepper, diced
kosher salt & pepper
1 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp wasabi mayo
2 slices of mozzerella cheese
some smoked paprika
2 slices of bread (i used whole grain)

turn the oven onto 350ºF. add the tuna into a bowl (completely drain the tuna). chop up the green pepper (and onion if you like) and add that to the bowl. then season to taste with salt and pepper. add the regular mayo and the wasabi mayo and mix it all thoroughly.
spread a good amount of the tuna salad onto two slices of bread, top with the slice of cheese, and sprinkle some paprika on the cheese.
then pop them into the oven for about 10mins, or until the cheese has melted nicely.

serve right out of the oven! - i like my sandwiches open-faced.

cPe 2008


Vicarious Foodie said...

Oh this looks yummy. I love tuna melts, and I always have all of these ingredients on hand...all except the wasabi mayo, that is.