May 02, 2008

a makeshift smore

we were all out of cookies, sweets, biscuits. whatever you want to call it. all out. and i had a major craving for a biscuit with my tea (cookie to the americans).
so i rummaged through the pantry hoping to find at least 1 random biscuit in a hidden box somewhere. there was not one. so i pouted for a minutes, tried to get e to make a target run to get me some, hoping he'd feel sorry for me. he wasn't having it though, since we were both in our pj's and pretty much ready for bed. so he got up and rummaged the pantry.
out came a box of graham crackers, honey pb, and his secret weapon - nutella, as always.
and so began the making of the makeshift snack: sandwich a dollop of peanut butter and nutella between graham crackers and you've got yourself a delicious little smore-wannabe.

thanks e!

sidenote: since this snack was made, e has gotten me 3 boxes of biscuits.. 1 box of english shortbread, and 2 boxes of 'le petite ecolier' :)

cPe 2008


Cakespy said...

These look...absolutely WONDERFUL!! Oh yes, I think I might love yours better than the typical s'more!!