July 17, 2010

Pita Crave

Pita Crave is fairly new in the area, and is about a mile from my place. That being said, it is an easy dinner-saver or lazy-saver. :)
We started getting their combo platter at first, but realized that we really just love the shwarma. Now we get the shwarma platter.
Their meats are delicious and flavorful. The falafel are crispy on the outside, perfectly almost creamy on the inside. The rice... oh the rice. It's so buttery and nutty, I could eat plates of it.
They also have a little "sides" bar if you like pickled veggies. They have pickled beets that are a delicious crunchy addition to your meal.
If you want lebanese sweets, they have little sweets packages (from a bakery in the city) filled with various kinds of baklava and cookies.
I will say, a negative point, goes to the pita they have. They're dry and paper-like. Thank god they have delicious rice, so I don't even take their pitas anymore!

Grill 59
19 S Sutton Rd
Streamwood, IL 60107

cPe 2010


Judy said...

Have not heard of Pita Crave, but
I'll be looking for it. Thanks for the headsup.