May 05, 2010


wow, i had abandoned this blog. i started a new one but forgot about writing about my own food. i still peruse other food bloggers sites, and constantly read the dining section of the nytimes... but i guess i got lazy.

well, that laziness came to an end yesterday, when i received an email from foodbuzz letting me know that due to me "inactive" status, i would have to be dropped as a featured publisher. nooooooo... i wrote back saying that if i could renew that membership, i would certainly jump back on the food blogging train! thankfully, they agreed. :)
so here we are, over a year later... missed my second blog anniversary... but ready to start again. i have tons of photos of food i've made since then, and will begin posting this week. am i excited? yes. just as i was when i first started.

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