July 28, 2008

pho ha

thanks to my sister's recommendation from years ago, while sitting at work one day, sick as a dog, i was just craving a bowl of steaming hot pho.
there aren't many places around here that have good pho, aside from the "ok" version at stir crazy. *chuckle*

i spent about an hour that afternoon trying to find a vietnamese spot along my way home from work, that had good reviews, a menu i could see online, and wasn't out of my way.
search results: 0

then the lightbulb went off and i remembered my sister talking about a place not so far from my house. she'd been there 2 or more years ago, but i remembered it.

so i searched google maps for the general area, then checked with her on the place i found, and voila! found it: pho ha

my order:

#2 spring rolls,
#8 rice with sizzling diced,

#26 pho with sliced beef and flank, and

#31 banh mi house specialty

total wait time: 15mins

total cost: around $30

everything was deliciously fresh! the pho was amazing and definitely hit the (sick) spot. the sizzling beef was very tasty, with nice veggies. and that banh mi... it was my first... and definitely won't be my last. it may be the very best cold sandwich i've had. and it just felt so healthy!


the portions are very generous as well - we got about 3 servings of pho out of one order.

so! if you're in the northwest suburbs, looking for a good little hole-in-the-wall vietnamese take out spot, head over to pho ha in glendale heights.

cPe 2008