March 06, 2008

a must-see: jodhaa akbar

'jodhaa akbar'

the hubby finally agreed to see a bollywood film with me - at the theatre! and since this is quite a long one, we caught the 5pm show.
i don't have much to say - and won't give anything away - but i loved, loved, loved this movie!
it is not your typical bollywood film... it's traditional. it's a love-story. it's a historical drama. and for it being almost four hours long... i never once got bored or anxious for things to start happening. everything was well-timed and each character was developed really well.
i wasn't a fan of either hritik roshan or ashwarya rai, but after this movie, i probably will be one. roshan did a great job and rai is beautiful and comfortable in her character and role.

this is definitely a must-see! and as soon as it's on dvd, i'll own it too. :)

p.s: thanks e for taking me! i love you


Serena said...

I have watched this movie online. Since I don't understand Hindi fully without the subtitles, I can only admire the screenplay and costumes. I love Hindi movies. Perhaps I will get the vcd when it is out to fully understand the dialogue and drama. :D

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